The city of Sainte Anne is located on the coast south of the right wing of the island (Grande Terre) Butterfly, enclosed between two seaside towns which are Gosier and Saint François. Its territory, divided into 29 sections or districts, and its geographical configuration gives it a tourist vocation. Ideally located between Gosier and Saint François, Sainte Anne offers you all the activities that will make your stay unforgettable: beaches (illuminated at night until midnight), restaurants, bars, market daily day, a weekly night market, Village Artisanal shops, fishmongers, grocery stores, city, post office, Church, and sports centre are just a few minutes walk from your residence.

Saint François and le Gosier casinos, discotheques and international golf are only 10 minutes by car. The means of locomotion at your disposal are: rental of cars, buses, taxis, bikes, scooters...


Located in the middle of the small Antilles in Caribbean, the island of Guadeloupe nicknamed "The island with beautiful waters", or even once called by the Arawak "Karukera" is rocked by the trade winds and cherished by the waves on the great barrier reef. Dependencies (the islands of the Désirade, Les Saintes, Marie Galante, Small Land, Saint Barthélemy and Saint Martin) give the name of archipelago. Guadeloupe itself, called "the continent" by its Islanders, is composed of the low Earth (mountainous part where the national park, volcano (1467m high), rainforest with waterfalls, rivers, springs) and the great earth (part limestone), famous for its blue seas and limpid as crystalline seas, beaches, its coral reefs) its fish and its shell.

Area:: 1780km2
Tropical climate : it is pleasant throughout the year (average of 29 ° c), and the sea temperature never drops below 25 ° c.
Time Zone difference from France Mainland Is -6 hours during summer time and -5 hours during winter time
A few celebrations of Sainte Anne: craft fair and "gwo ka" festival (July), Carnival (February), pyrotechnic competition (fireworks, in December), Tour de la Guadeloupe (July-August), oxen-draughts competition (April-May), election of miss beauty (July)...All Saints (November), day of ranges (August), route du rhum Info: in 2010, Mr. son represented the city of Sainte Anne, at his participation in the rum road sailing competition (La route du rhum). This famous running is held every 4 years.
Main beaches of Sainte Anne Le Helleux, la plage de la Caravelle (Club Med), Bois Jolan, and of course "la plage communale de Sainte Anne" with its public lighting on till midnight.